The Roulette That Sparked The Revolution – The Spanish Straperlo

Yes, gambling can bring many troubles, and in some cases a huge number of problems. However, imagine that roulette played some significant, serious role in the political life of one of the states of Europe, which allowed it even to end the career of a prominent politician well-known at the time, provoking a civil war? The beginning of the 20th century, Spain – exactly what we described above is happening. The period even got its name – Straperlo and today the Spaniards use this word for financial scandals that flare up at the pinnacle of power Sure Win.

Participants in the scandal

Alejandro Lerru is the “protagonist” of our article and memorable events in Spain. In the first half of the last century, he was a well-known political figure of the state and was repeatedly at the head of local governments.

1935 – Lerroux served as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government that Chapaprieta formed. At this moment, Daniel Strauss, an adventurer who came from Holland, arrives in the country. He had a curious example of roulette, where by pressing the “secret” button, one could influence the outcome of the drawing. The device was powered by electricity.

Few details

By the way, the roulette wheel had serious differences from the classic version – there are much fewer numbers, there are differences in the layout and many other features. The policy of Strauss, who tried to promote his roulette and obtain a patent from the local authorities, was very nontrivial – in his opinion, roulette has nothing to do with excitement, and everything here will depend, first of all, on the player’s skill and dexterity.

Initially, Daniel seeks permission to install his roulette wheel in a large hotel, but he could not resist here. Strauss then moves to San Sebastian, the Kursaal gambling establishment. Initially, the roulette with the unusual name “Straperlo” was popular, but after he managed to figure out the principle of the device, Strauss turns out to be persona non grata in

At the fork

According to historical documents, there are two versions of the development of events, and they are very different from each other. According to some reports, Lerru, being interested in promoting a fraudulent scheme and making money on it, stands up for the legalization of fraudulent roulette and encourages party members to do so. According to an alternative point of view, Lerra was corny blackmailed, since his close relatives participated in the scam.

For the politician Alejandro Lerru, the story ended very badly – his name was defamed, and the minister was forced to resign. He lost his seat in parliament and emigrated to Portugal. By the way, his party was thoroughly “cleaned up” – many politicians lost their seats.

At that time, a political crisis was gaining momentum in Spain, which resulted in a civil war (36-39 years). By the way, the name of the fraudulent roulette “straperlo” stuck in the Spanish language. This is the personification of financial scandals involving famous statesmen, as well as corruption in the highest echelons of power.

The Roulette That Sparked The Revolution – The Spanish Straperlo

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